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Butterfly Valve Mechanism

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Known for as a quick to open kind of valve, butterfly valves can control media flow aside from having isolation capabilities. The valve disc is made of high-grade metal with a seat made either of soft elastomeric material or another metal.

This valve has a simple design, which is advantageous because it can fit in tight spaces, lightweight and cost-effective. This is also well-suited for applications that handle high volume but low-pressure liquids and gases. It is also suitable for handling media with small particles.

When compared to other types of valves, the butterfly valve is the most cost-effective and most economical. Butterfly valves utilize rotating metal discs around a stem to activate a tight shutoff on both sides of their resilient seat. The stem may be attached centrally or at an offset. The rubber seat is also protected by a packing component that provides an extra seal in the event of a fire. It only takes a quarter-turn of the handle to fully open this quarter-turn valve.

It is very simple to operate butterfly valves. For it to work, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge. They are most important when they are made to perform fluid regulation, throttle, and control accurately and safely. Visit our website(www.valteccn.com) to learn more about our range of high-quality butterfly valves.


The body motion and construction of a butterfly valve is unique when compared to other valves.

Body construction

Butterfly valves have 2 types of body types. These include lug and wafer type namely.

Butterfly valves have 2 types of body types. These include lug and wafer type namely

The lug shape has protruding legs. The metal inserts are installed in the bolt’s hole. The installation is done between 2 flanges by using separate bolts for each flange. The advantage of this body is that it makes a way for dead-end service.

The other body type, wafer, is developed between the flanges with the help of bolts, studs, and nuts. It doesn’t have protruding legs and is easy to install or replace. It is cheaper too. A drawback with this is that some valves with this body do not cast a decent seal and therefore demand extra care.

Valve seat

Most of the butterfly valves use disc seals and elastomeric seals. When the disc seals adjacent to the diameter of its body, it stops the flow. The seals may be pressed, locked in or bonded to its body. Some seals used clamp rings or backing loop to enclose extrusion of the O- ring. In some designs which are meant for high and durable performances, the seals are implemented by an interference- fit design, which is created by the pressure in the pipelines, thereby, increasing its interference amidst the seat and its disc.

Valve disc

Butterfly valves have separate disc and stem which are fastened in sync. The stem might be fused with bolts or the disc might be allowed to float and locate its center in the seat. The center here is shaped when the bore of the upper stem fits into a hex/ square shaped stem. This method is used for corrosive applications as the covered discs are used by eliminating the external fasteners.

Butterfly valve is suitable for pipelines conveying various corrosive and non-corrosive fluid media in engineering systems such as producer, coal gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, hot and cold air, chemical smelting, power generation and environmental protection. flow of the medium.

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