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Butterfly Valve for Wastewater Treatment

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Wastewater treatment facilities rely on a variety of valves. The different categories of valves contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of pipelines. Whilst swing check and resilient hinge swing check valves are the star attractions in wastewater plants, in terms of preventing reverse flow and slamming, butterfly valves Features of the Sewage Butterfly Valves:come into their own further down the line within wastewater treatment facilities. They also offer dependable service in pumping stations for flow isolation purposes.

In wastewater treatment, butterfly valves appear in secondary and tertiary processes. These treatment processes rely on biological and chemical processes to remove organic matter, suspended matter and disinfect wastewater. Actuated butterfly valves are suitable for these wastewater treatment processes as they respond promptly to the pressure conditions of the pipeline and operator-initiated control signals.

Butterfly Valve for Wastewater Treatment

Butterfly valves are available in different types and sizes. Design variations affect their performances across water distribution and wastewater collection applications. The roles of butterfly valves are:

Flow Isolation — They provide an on/off fluid service. Shutting down butterfly valves facilitates the isolation of some sections of the pipeline. Flow isolation is necessary when there is a need to undertake maintenance of pipe sections and auxiliary units like pumps.

Flow regulation — In municipal water supply systems, it is necessary to maintain specific pipeline flow rates. The same is true for wastewater applications. The movement of the flow control mechanism (disc) causes the flow rate to reduce or increase according to the pressure conditions of the system. The disc also stops flow past different pipe sections.

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing butterfly valve for wastewater treatment

The advantage of the butterfly valve is that it is smaller in size compared to its diameter and has good sealing. The disadvantage is that after the butterfly valve is opened, the butterfly plate is still across the center of the flow pipe, which will produce resistance to the flow of the medium, and the debris in the medium will cause winding on the butterfly plate.

Therefore, the butterfly valve should be avoided in the pipeline of floating slag or the pipeline containing more floating slag in the medium. In addition, when the butterfly valve is closed. If there is more mud and sand near the butterfly plate, the mud and sand will prevent the butterfly plate from opening again.

When choosing butterfly valves, pay close attention to the operating conditions of the pipeline, maintenance requirements and the level of automation.

VALTECCN Butterfly Valve’s products can be used in wastewater treatment plants. They last longer than the average wastewater valve. Check out their line of butterfly valve products and request a free quote today.

Features of the VALTECCN Sewage Butterfly Valves:

  • They have a replaceable liner.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • They offer low operating torque.
  • Allows bidirectional flow.
  • All our valves are rubber lined.
  • The body and shaft is fully protected from the circulating fluids.
  • All our products are covered by a long-term manufacturer warranty.
  • It can work in a varied temperature range.
  • Covered with anti-corrosive epoxy powder coating

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