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Butterfly valve connection method 2: flange butterfly valve

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Flanged butterfly valve is also one of the most commonly used types of butterfly valves. Like other flanged valves, the butterfly valve has a flange, and bolts are used to connect the butterfly valve flange to the pipeline flange during installation.

Turbine worm drive flanged butterfly valve
Turbine worm drive flanged butterfly valve

Note: Except that the inner diameter of the pipe flange matches the outer diameter of the pipe, other dimensions should match the butterfly valve flange

The figure below shows the flanged soft sealing butterfly valve. The flanged butterfly valve is a composite structure of vertical plate type flexible graphite plate and stainless steel plate. The sealing surface of the soft sealing valve is covered with nitrile rubber on the butterfly plate.

Flange soft seal butterfly valve
Flange soft seal butterfly valve

Flanged butterfly valve structural characteristics

  1. The sealing ring of the flange hard sealing butterfly valve seat is composed of multi-layer stainless steel sheets on both sides of the soft T-shaped sealing ring.
  2. The sealing surface of the valve plate and the valve seat is an inclined conical structure, and the temperature and corrosion resistant alloy materials are surfacing on the inclined conical surface of the valve plate; the spring fixed between the adjustment ring pressure plates and the adjustment bolts on the pressure plate are assembled together. This structure effectively compensates the tolerance zone between the shaft sleeve and the valve body and the elastic deformation of the valve stem under medium pressure, and solves the sealing problem of the valve during the two-way exchange of medium conveying.
  3. The sealing ring is composed of multi-layer stainless steel sheets on both sides of the soft T-shaped, which has the dual advantages of metal hard sealing and soft sealing, and has zero leakage sealing performance under low temperature and high temperature conditions.

The nine main features of flanged butterfly valves are as follows

  1. Small size, light weight, easy to disassemble, assemble and maintain, and can be installed in any position.
  2. The structure is simple and compact, the working torque is small, and the 90° rotation is fast.
  3. The flow characteristics tend to be straight, and the adjustment performance is good.
  4. The connection between the butterfly plate and the valve stem adopts a pinless structure.
  5. The outer circle of the butterfly plate adopts a spherical shape, which improves the sealing performance, prolongs the service life of the valve, and maintains zero leakage of more than 50,000 times under pressure.
  6. The seal can be replaced, and the seal is reliable for bidirectional sealing.
  7. The butterfly plate can be sprayed according to user requirements, such as nylon or PTFE.
  8. The valve can be designed for flange connection and clamping connection.
  9. You can choose manual, electric or pneumatic drive. Flanged butterfly valve is suitable for water supply and drainage, sewage, food, heating, gas, ship, hydropower, metallurgy, energy system, light textile and other industries with temperature ≤120℃ or ≤150℃, nominal pressure ≤1.6MPa. Especially suitable for bidirectional sealing and valve body corrosion.

VALTECCN, a butterfly valve manufacturer, has many years of experience in producing butterfly valves and other related accessories, providing customized butterfly valves and components to meet the needs of various industries. Our flanged butterfly valves undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory to ensure 100% quality assurance.

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