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Butterfly valve and its packing common fault and its elimination

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Butterfly valve is a common type of valve. The cost of the conventional model is relatively low. It is often used as a substitute for on-off valves such as ball valves in some unimportant pipelines. The place where the butterfly valve is easy to wear is on the seal, such as the rubber-lined butterfly valve. Fluorine-lined butterfly valve, the sealing form is generally a metal butterfly plate pressing a rubber valve seat or a tetrafluoro valve seat for sealing.

Butterfly valve and its packing common fault and its elimination

The following are the common faults of butterfly valve sealing surface, stem sealing surface and packing, their causes and troubleshooting methods.

Common Faults of Butterfly Valve Sealing Surface and Their Elimination

Common faults Cause Preventive measures and exclusion methods
Sealing surface leaks Aging and wear of rubber sealing ring Periodic inspection and replacement
Incorrect flow of medium The valve should be installed according to the arrow indicating the flow direction of the medium
The sealing surface pressure ring is loose and damaged Before installation, it should be checked whether the pressure ring is assembled correctly. Periodic inspection and replacement
The sealing surface is not tight Improve manufacturing quality, pressure test before use
The valve stem is loose from the disc, causing the sealing surface to leak Improve the connection strength between the valve stem and the butterfly plate, and perform regular maintenance

Common faults of butterfly valve stem sealing surface and their elimination

Common faults Cause Preventive measures and exclusion methods
Damaged valve stem sealing surface Stem manufacturing defect. Hardness is too low. There are cracks and peeling. The valve stem is not round and bent Improve the manufacturing quality of the valve stem, strengthen the acceptance work before use, including the sealing test of the packing
Stem corroded. There are pits and falling off on the sealing surface of the valve stem Strengthen the anti-corrosion measures of the valve stem, adopt new anti-corrosion materials, add anti-corrosion agent to the packing, and it is advisable not to add packing when the valve is not in use
Improper installation, premature stem damage Stem installation should be concentric with stem nut, gland, stuffing box
Valve stem replacement is not timely The valve stem should be repaired or replaced on a periodic basis in conjunction with the device and pipeline overhaul

Common faults of butterfly valve packing and their elimination

Common faults Cause Preventive measures and exclusion methods
packing failure Improper selection, unsuitable packing The packing should be selected according to the working conditions, and the restrictive relationship between temperature and pressure should be fully considered.
Incorrect assembly. The packing cannot be matched correctly, the installation is incorrect, the head does not fit together, the top is tight and the bottom is loose, or even less padding is installed Assemble packing according to technical requirements. Prefabricate the packing in advance, stagger the tower head round by round and press it separately. To prevent multi-layer winding, one-time compression, etc.
System operation is unstable. Packing leakage due to large temperature and pressure fluctuations Smooth operation and careful debugging. Prevents fluctuations in system temperature and pressure
The packing is out of service, causing the packing to wear out, age, and the bellows is damaged and fail. Replace packing in strict accordance with cycle and technical requirements
The packing is of poor quality. Such as loose packing, hair head, dry, broken ends, impurities and other defects When using, carefully check the filler specification, model, manufacturer, factory time, and the quality of the filler. Packing that does not meet technical requirements cannot be used

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