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Bidirectional Butterfly Valve

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What is a bi-directional butterfly valve?

For this question we can divide the butterfly valve according to the structure, generally divided into midline butterfly valve and eccentric butterfly valve.

Bi-directional butterfly valve is a two-way seal. The midline butterfly valve itself actually comes with a two-way seal, however the eccentric butterfly valve itself is a one-way seal, which of course is a two-way seal that can also be done. The disc valves seen on the market in general are all one-way, meaning that the input and output are stated, in a unidirectional valve, the medium can flow only in one direction. In a bidirectional butterfly valve, any side can be used as upstream and downstream (generally only used in places where the pressure is not too great).

Bi-directional butterfly valve

Reminder: The force on the stem of a bidirectional butterfly valve is greater than that of a unidirectional butterfly valve. The same diameter, pressure butterfly valve, two-way seal butterfly valve stem diameter than the one-way seal butterfly valve stem diameter.

Bidirectional butterfly valve application scope

Widely used in water conservancy projects, water supply, power circulating water, petroleum, chemical and other industrial pipelines as a cut-off medium flow.

Structure characteristics of bi-directional butterfly valve

  • Butterfly valve for two-way pressure, the use of eccentric S-shaped conical seat sealing surface, so that the sealing surface is not easy to damage, to improve the service life of the valve.
  • The operating torque is small, turn 90 degrees to open and close, light and rapid.
  • Small flow resistance, with good hydraulic characteristics, flow characteristics nearly inclined straight, good energy-saving effect, two-way seal on the water flow without directional requirements.
  • Reliable sealing, opening and closing life of more than 25,000 times.
  • Driving methods include manual, worm wheel drive, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, electro-hydraulic linkage and other actuators, remote control and automatic operation can be achieved.

Since its inception, VALTECCN butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer has been constantly innovating in science and technology, striving to develop and substitute for the country, mainly in accordance with China’s GB, JB, American Standard API, ANSI, British BS, German Standard DIN, French NF, Japan’ s JIS, JPI standards. Production. It can also be smelted and manufactured according to the special requirements of users, welcome to ask for quotation.

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