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Analysis and Solutions of Common Fault Causes of Butterfly Valves

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For users, the actual working conditions should be consistent with the scope of application specified by the butterfly valve, and when the operation is correct and careful maintenance, it is directly related to the avoidance of butterfly valve failures and the extension of service life.

Analysis and Solutions of Common Fault Causes of Butterfly Valves

Common butterfly valve failure table


Analyze the cause


Leakage at the packing

1. The filler has been used over time and has aged.
2. Excessive force during operation.
3. The hinge bolts are not tightened.
1. The aging and damaged packing should be replaced in time and the joint should be placed at 30°-50° one by one.
2. It should be operated evenly with normal force. No casing or other methods are allowed.
3. Tighten the packing bolts evenly.

Sealing surface leaks

1. The installation direction of the valve does not match the flow direction of the medium.
2. Butterfly valve not closed properly.
3. Long-closed butterfly valves accumulate scale on the sealing surfaces.
4. Serious damage to the sealing surface.
1. Pay attention to the installation check.
2. Take care to close in place
3. Slit the valve to allow the high velocity fluid to flush the dirt off the seal.
4. Regrind and thicken the adjustment shim to compensate.

Leakage at flange connections

1. Uneven tightening of bolts.
2. Gasket aging damage.
3. The material selected for the gasket does not meet the requirements of the working medium.
1. Re-tighten the bolts evenly.
2. Replace gaskets in time.
3. The material and form of the gasket should be correctly selected according to the requirements of the working conditions, and the requirements should be specified in detail when ordering.

Damage to handle, handwheel

1. Incorrect use.
2. Fasteners are loose.
3. The handle, handwheel and valve stem connection are damaged.
1. Pipe wrenches, long levers, impact tools, etc. are prohibited.
2. Repair anytime.
3. Fix it anytime.

Worm gear drive bite card

1. Do not clean the embedded dirt and affect the lubrication.
2. Poor operation.
1. Please keep it clean and refuel regularly.
2. If it is found to be stuck during operation and the resistance is very large, the operation cannot be continued, otherwise the damage will be aggravated.

Electric installation failure

1. Poor lubrication, foreign objects stuck in the valve cause excessive torque.
2. Motor failure.
1. Oil should be refueled and kept clean, so that the oil pipe is good, the packing is pressed properly, and foreign matter is removed in time.
2. The working time of the motor should not exceed 15 minutes, the power supply should be normal, and the click should be avoided to get damp.

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